Albert & MaLin Myers

Albert & MaLin Myers

June 23, 2019 見證分享 0

I am a caucasian american, and in 2009 I married a wonderful chinese lady. I went to China on a pleasure trip in 2007, and much to my surprise and after being single for 19 years, I brought back to America my bride of now 8 years. We soon then affiliated with the Bread of Life Chinese Christian Church in Oviedo.

It has been a rich experience for us having relationships now that span these years. These are not only long lasting relationships, but to our good pleasure we have been blessed to interact with many new people from China who come to visit us for short periods. MaLin came to know the Lord through our association here.

When I first met my wife in China 10 years ago, she knew nothing of the Christian faith. However, since then she has grown considerably in the knowledge of God’s Word. We have both struggled through these years to learn each other’s languages. Moreover, I am grateful to our church brothers and sisters for helping me with learning chinese even though my progress is steady but slow.

One of the most rewarding aspects of these years has been a ministry with the children of our church. We have seen them grow up to become fine young people.

They are quite normal kids, and it’s fun each Sunday to be around them. In many ways they have helped us be younger! As we sit around in a circle to have our class they most readily turn to and read from the Scriptures when called upon to do so. Some of them are beginning now to approach college age; I have come to see them as very bright with promising futures. May the Lord continue to work in them what He has begun to do.

We are so looking forward to our new pastor and his family coming. We look forward to joining him in a great vision for reaching the chinese for Christ. The future is bright for our church, and we are excited to see what God will do!


Albert & MaLin Myers